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Shred The Revolutionary Diet

SHRED, The Revolutionary Diet

Dr. Ian K. Smith’s SHRED is the answer to every dieter’s biggest dilemmas: how to lose that last twenty pounds? How to push through that frustrating plateau? What to do when nothing else is working? Here, Smith has created a program that uses all he knows about strategic dieting in one plan–like putting all the best players on the field at once to create a can’t lose combination. SHRED combines a low GI diet, meal spacing, and meal replacements.


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Dr. Ian K. Smith’s SUPER SHRED is a four-week super-charged program that shares the same principles—meal spacing, snacking, meal replacement, and diet confusion—as SHRED—with twice the intensity and a shorter quick-acting plan. It can be used on its own or in conjunction with SHRED. READ MORE

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